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Released : April 2016

Windows XP

Install the Latest Sound Drivers for Windows XP

Finding the right sound drivers for Windows XP can be very frustrating. Instead of guessing the model number, serial number, and revision of your sound card, why not let Driver Detective find it for you? Driver Detective is able to automatically recognize every sound card manufactured after 1994. That means it's 100% guaranteed to correctly identify your sound card.

Don't spend hours wading through the old support documents of your sound card's original manufacturer. Get Driver Detective to do the dirty work for you. It's perfect scan and massive database means you're guaranteed to find the device driver you need to get your sound card working again. Download it now and try it 100% risk-free for yourself.

Automatically update any of these Windows XP drivers:

  • USB Drivers

  • Wireless Drivers

  • Camera Drivers

  • Sata Drivers

Windows XP Driver Update Tool (3.7MB)
Free Download - Designed for Windows XP

Install the Correct and Official Windows XP Drivers Only!

Driver Detective will only install official drivers for your sound card. Installing the wrong drivers will crash your system.

Finding the right Windows XP sound drivers manually can be extremely difficult and time consuming. If you don't have time to mess around with testing different drivers and guessing which driver you need for your hardware - Try Driver Detective free.

This will save you dozens of headaches - you never have to worry about an out-of-date or corrupt drivers interfering with your PC's operation again. Driver Detective is 100% guaranteed to identify the right Windows XP sound drivers for your system.

Here's how it works:

Step 1 - Scan

Driver Detective scans your PC to correctly identify your sound card. It then provides you with a real-time report on drivers that need updating.


Step 2 - Download

Using the information about your sound card, Driver Detective now looks to download the exact official driver you need. It's that easy!


Step 3 - Install

Finally, once downloaded, Driver Detective installs all updated drivers for you in a matter of minutes.You will recieve a detailed report of all the updated drivers. Your sound card is now ready for you to use again.



Update your drivers automatically - 100% Guaranteed!

  • Save hours of your time hunting down drivers

  • Save time and money sending away your PC for repair

  • Eliminate the risk of replacing the wrong files... and permanently damaging your expensive hardware

  • Enjoy a faster PC by eliminating unused drivers

  • Download Driver Detective free & update your drivers automatically. 100% safe and guaranteed!

Driver Detective is 100% Safe Software

Driver Detective is completely safe and effective - try it now and get your sound back in action. Stop wasting any more time trying to find the right driver on your own - automatically download the latest official drivers and get your sound working again. Driver Detective is also 100% Guaranteed to be free of spyware, adware, viruses, and other nasty problems - guarantees it.


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